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2016-2018, Acme Studios.

Acme Associate Studio Program Award (Consisting of a subsidised studio space for two years with visits from chosen artists).


2015, The British Museum.

Studied in the Prints and Drawings department at The British Museum, in association with The Bridget Riley Art Foundation.


2013-2016, Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts and Design.

BA (honors) Fine Art.


2012-2013, The Royal Drawing School, Dumfries House.

A painting and drawing residency based in Dumfries grounds.


2012-2013, The Royal Drawing School.

New Fine Art Foundation Course.




Selected Exhibitions


Acme Open Studio, Acme Studios 2016

As a group we, the Acme Associates, organised an open studio event to show what we had been up to so far.


Degree show one – Concert Burns, Central Saint Martins 2016

The Central Saint Martin’s art degree show receives 24000 guests each year. I performed twice a day, every day, of the 6-day run.


Do Disturb, Palais de Tokyo 2016

Artworks of mine were reconfigured by fashion designers into wearable objects for a performance at the two-day festival.


I’m so tired, Central Saint Martins 2016

The final exhibition before the Degree Show. I organised, curated and showed at the event, with all final year Central Saint Martins Ba Fine Art students.


NO SHAME launch party, XD Studios 2015

An event to launch the first issue of mine and Max Holland’s Zine; NO SHAME.


Wayfinding, The British Museum 2015

I was selected to be a part of a drawing exhibition held in the British Museum, in association with the Bridget Riley Art Foundation.


LATANCY, Vyner Street Gallery 2014

Curated and planned by a small group of Artists to showcase our personal work, held at Vyner Street gallery.


Virtual Galleries, Federation House 2014

An exhibition suspended in a virtual world, show in Manchester. Invited artist, James Stevens, created a virtual gallery space in which Ford-Beaumont curated the art. Digital prints were suspended on fictional walls, and the viewer was invited to join the experience through a point of view camera tour. Being able to view and interact with art whilst removing the issues of cost.


Here in Archway, Archway Tube Station 2014

An event held in Archway, to research, test and realise a collaborative and site responsive artwork outside of the art institution, in the public or private spaces of Archway. Looking at physical, social, economic, political, historical and mythical of Archway to provide the raw material for real-time dialogues, exchanges, experiments and interventions. In association with AIR Artists.